Bandage Dress Revival

Skimpiness was not allowed at my High School, but there were no explicit rules about how tight a garment could be, thus the reason I started wearing bandage dresses.  Now that I’m no longer beholden to dress codes I still love them. They strike a chord between current and nostalgic that I’ve always favored: too soon to be ironic and a touch passé.  Undersized-short-strapped shoulder bags (remember the Dooney and Bourke heart bags?), fat tongued sneakers, and tube tops of all divinities also fall into this category. As do velour tracksuits and trucker hats annnnnnnd I’m just listing trends from the earlier 2000’s. Actually what’s funny is that most of these trends were impossible to pull off during their heydey too. So many people lament the millennium for its sartorial offerings but i LOVED it. No other decade has provided such an easy metric for deciphering style genius: If you can manage to pull off a skirt over pants or an ill-fitting silk camisole over a t-shirt, you have major cred in my book. Anyway, I can’t deny that my soft spot for incorporating these trite or cliche articles isn’t a bit of haughty pleasure: wear it wrong and you come off like don’t understand trends, wear it right and it's like they don’t apply.  I was just discussing this phenomena with my friend Mariam who has been mercilessly making fun of me for getting back into Juicy Couture. And this coming from someone who just facebook chatted me a link to a Balenciaga city bag?  (I love you so so much Balenciaga, its not your fault people wore out that bag; its a truly great style.)

French Connection bandage dress worn with Fornarina cowgirl sneakers, sparkly star-studded Mia Bag, thrifted gingham J.Crew shirt and thrifted Knoles and carter jacket.

Photos by Daniel Zuchnik