DIY Scarab Jacket

This jacket was such a nightmare to make. For the longest time I attempted to sew the sequin to the leather itself (*tight eyed shudder*, *sign of the cross*) until one of my friends suggested I appliqué everything to a piece of mesh and then apply the mesh to the leather (she used to sew for Naeem Khan, so go figure). I was in total awe: such a simple solution to such a dramatic problem!  Even with the mesh hack it’s still not a process I’d repeat for less than one — maybe two —  billion dollars. But  maybe I can persuade someone else to do it; someone who considers sewing a pleasure rather than a toilsome chore necessitated by the euphoria of wearing the final product.

Mia Vesper Scarab Jacket made from a vintage Schott Perfecto jacket and worn with metallic Caterina Lucchi bag, thrifted Pinky Otto top, thrifted levis cutoffs and thrifted &Other Stories boots.

Photos by @danliphotography