It Began With a Furse

DSC_1023 DSC_1061 DSC_1120 DSC_1075  I made this furse before Baby Slice was even a gleam in your father's eyes (this doesn't work, does it...) I hocked the fur from an old jacket, tore the center amulets from a vintage belt and went to work on an old black purse.  I was so pleased with the end result that I was inspired to sort the contents of my closet into three categories: "don't touch this, it was expensive," "don't touch this you purchased it too recently" and "GO WILD!" Thus began my journey into a future as a professional magpie / DIY designer.

Ralph Lauren hat, Gap shirt, Doc Martens 1490 boots (they make your legs look SO much longer than the shorter, more popular 1460's), thrifted leather pants.