Velvet and Leather, Birds of A Feather

I'm so excited that this motorcycle jacket has been sold! I kept one that was cut from this same tapestry for myself , (1970's, Italian) and sold the other today. I've already started ordering more tapestries for the next round of production!  Relatedly, I'm also thrilled to announce that I'm in the process of making a unisex cut as well. (That's not to say that men on the petite side can't wear the M/L in my current style -- if you have questions about sizing just email me at 

Also, if anyone is interested, these abandoned appliances are for sale outside my apartment and have been for the past two years. Most of them don't quite work and in order to purchase you have to negotiate with a man over the screeching of his many parrots. Otherwise a steal.   

Wearing Mia Vesper vintage tapestry jacket with thrifted J.E. Morgan's tank (Worship), vintage Lanvin belt (ebay),  $5 thrifted leather shorts (Tropical Fashions), vintage art deco rings (etsy), vintage crocodile Prada bag (ebay), thrifted Giulietta velvet shoes (Beacon's Closet).

Photos by Jenni Flowaa (@photosbyjenniflowaa)